Nothing actually looks more pleasing than the exterior appearance of your home and a fast yet exciting makeover will make it look as good as new. An exterior outlook of a home creates the first impression to guests and is bound to convey a lot more than we think. For carrying out the task, you might have to hire a professional painter from outside or if you’re interested you can as well break the ladder out and do the job all by yourself. In our blog today, we will address several tips and tricks you need to be aware of before giving your exterior house a major makeover. But before we dive deeper, let’s get to know the reasons to repair and repaint the outside of your home.

It’s true that the exterior house painting requires a bit of work and a significant amount of investment. If you are worried regarding whether the value of applying a fresh coat of paint on your exterior home is worth the time and effort or not, the answer is given below.

  • It makes your house stand out than the usual
  • Increase its value and makes it look attractive
  • Repairs all the previous damages done

Things You Must Know When Painting a House Exterior

1. Always paint the wall that’s properly cleaned

In case your house walls are dirty, the paint might not be effective enough to get stuck. You should first clean your house’s exterior walls to guarantee the success of your house painting project. In case you are trying to hire a professional painting company, make sure the company you hire power cleans and washes all the walls before the start of the painting. With the weather dirtying your exterior walls all year round, you can never be sure about how clean they are even when they seem to be clean.

2. Don’t paint when the weather is extreme

Don’t paint during winters. The extremely cold weather will make the paint dry slowly and unevenly. During the summers, the paint will dry too fast, which won’t produce good results. If you want an unblemished and redefined finish, remember to consult your paint supplier on the most ideal season to start your painting project.

3. Painting rotten siding is a waste of time and money: Remember to hire a siding contractor to remove any rotten wood and siding material before you start your house painting. A rotten or rotting siding will start rotting no matter how many coats of paint you apply on it. If the siding is slightly rotten, you can ask the siding contractor to stop the rotting by using a wood hardener.

4. Utilise oil-based paints

These are paints that have added synthetic alkylate or natural oils that make them more durable than water-based oil paints. They are resistant enough to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Keep in mind that these oils give such paints a choking pungent smell, so be prepared to wear a nose mask when painting. The oils also let the paints dry extremely slowly.

5. Estimating paint needs

Paint is expensive. Buying too much paint could be frustrating as paint stores won’t refund an already tinted gallon of paint. So it’s recommended to first buy around 80% of the estimated paint you need and the remainder when you’re almost finished. Factors like square footage, surface type, measurements and quality of paint all contribute to how much paint you’ll need.

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