Bug control

Bed bugs are a nasty menace. They are a common problem in many homes and hospitality sectors. The signs and symptoms of bed bugs are generally held to detect and even harder to treat. The bites of bed bugs are usually mistaken for insect bites in many cases. One should be aware of this.

We give you the following expert tips to help you identify if you have a bed bug infestation problem in your premises. 

1. Uncomfortable sleep and nights 

One of the most common places bed bugs infest is the bedroom. They are most active in the night. If you ever find yourself having uncomfortable sleep patterns, unusually waking up itching and having extremely disturbed sleep, it is probably a bed bug infestation and you might want to get that checked out. 

2. Spots and stains on the bed

After bed bugs feed on humans sleeping in the bed, they usually leave behind bloody stains that resemble rusty spots. These are generally found in the corners of the bed and the edges. The bed bugs also shed their exoskeleton or the skin. They resemble oval brown shells and are sometimes hollow. 

3. Check the bed

To thoroughly inspect the bed, strip the sheets of the mattress. Use a magnifying glass and a torch light if necessary to find them grouping. Do not leave any place of the bed unchecked as these tiny creatures can be present anywhere. 

4. Check the room

Once you have checked the bed, move on to the next items. Bed bugs can infest anything that is upholstered. This includes sofas, diwans, chairs, curtains and carpets. Look at all these places and also under the bed and behind the headboard. These are the hotspots for them to live on and thrive. 

5. Check the closet

Bed bugs can also stay on clothes and this is one of the ways they spread rapidly from one place to another. Check your closet and your clothes thoroughly. If you seem to find them, immediately wash the clothes and dry them in the sun. Make sure to completely disinfect your closet before putting back the fresh clothes in them. 

6. Check the odour

Bed bugs release a lot of pheromones and hence the smell of their existence is very strong. If you seem to detect a musky odour which is quite strong, you have a bed bug infestation problem. 

7. Bites on arms and shoulders

Bed bugs often feed on exposed skin and since they are active during nights, you often tend to be left with red, itchy marks on your arms and shoulders in the morning. This is different from flea bites which tend to happen around the ankles. 

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