With economies slowly reeling back from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing businesses opening up at a snail’s pace around the world. 

Is this a cause for concern? Customers will surely be apprehensive to be getting back to normalcy anytime soon. As businesses are reopening, owners have to give proper attention to the measures that need to be taken to keep their employees and customers safe. These measures include from enforcing simple steps like washing hands regularly, temperature checks, using sanitizers regularly and wearing masks to maintaining social distancing rules. Change is difficult but the situation in which we are in today demands us to follow the necessary steps for our health and safety. 

Here are the top 5 workplace practices to follow for creating a safe environment: 

1. Set new rules for your staff and customers

  • These can be a list of ‘No-contact’ rules like limiting the shaking of hands, hugging and other types of physical contact. 
  • ‘Avoid sharing’, this can be physical items, sharing of desk space, files, folders, computers and other items in the cafeteria or elsewhere. 

2. Reorganize the working area 

  • If you are a restaurant, cafe or any store, have strict social distancing measures in place. Rearrange the seating and encore strict rules. 
  • If you are an office with multiple employees, make sure they are seated far away from each other’s desks. Ensure masks are worn at all times and cleanliness is maintained. 

3. Enforce strict break rules & eliminate gathering areas

  • Hang out spots are a big no-no in the current situation. Removing gathering areas minimizes socializing and helps maintain distancing measures. 
  • Make sure they take turns to pause work and go out to catch a breath of fresh air to avoid gathering in large numbers. 

4. Have distinguished hand sanitising stations around the workplace

  • This is an important step for both the staff and the customers. Have hand sanitizing stations set up. 
  • Make sure you have the right cleaning equipment for cleaning up. 

5. Break the long work hours

  • Adjust the working hours or divide into shifts to avoid too many people coming into work at the same time. 
  • Break the long hours and see if work from home can be a long term option for your staff. 

These are some of the basic steps you can take for your workplace once the restrictions are eased. The other major aspect is to see to it that the entire office is kept clean at all times. Another bonus tip to eliminate all types of germs in the office before work starts is to get it completely sanitized and disinfected. This can either be done on your own or by a professional disinfection and cleaning services company like Aishwaryam Facility Services Management. We undertake all types of cleaning and disinfection services for any office or commercial space. Here is our step-by-step process. 

What do we do?

  • Our staff thoroughly surveys the area to be disinfected. 
  • We take note of all the cleaning sites in detail.  
  • We make a comprehensive disinfecting and cleaning checklist.  
  • Use the best equipment & certified PPE kits. 

Why choose AFSM?

  • We are the best in the cleaning business.
  • Our work is thorough & we guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • Use only safe, tested & certified products for all types of cleaning. 
  • We promise you timely completion of the project. 

As a professional company, we understand the needs of each type of organization and give tailored solutions. Is your hotel, commercial space, restaurant or office in need of deep cleaning and disinfecting? Call us today @ +91 99419 95555 and we will be at your service in a flash! Apart from this, we also excel in all manpower services like housekeeping, painting, pest control services and more! Stay safe and take care! 

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