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  • A Thorough Analysis Of The Commercial Space For Services.
  • A Service Checklist Is Approved By The Supervisor & Client.
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Commercial Cleaning Services In Chennai

At Aishwaryam Facility Service Management, we resolutely pursue only the best standards in cleaning. Our customized services are designed to meet your needs. We offer daily, weekly and monthly commercial cleaning services in chennai and deep cleaning services depending on the space.


A trusted choice for offices, we do not leave any nook and corner untouched and  we make sure your space is left shining nice and bright.


Our highly trained and motivated team reach places where your regular cleaners can’t in an industry set up. We see to that every inch of your space is tidy.

Shopping Malls

Our cleaning is tailor made to suit each client requirement from maintaining clean windows, sparkling floors to a dust free environment.

Retail Outlets

We pride ourselves in cleaning all types of retail outlets and providing an aesthetically pleasing environment to increase patron visits.

F&B Outlets

Our professionals will make sure your kitchen and restaurant space has a thorough and top-class shine while maintaining complete hygiene.


Detailed home cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, floor, carpets, windows, and cupboards by the best professionals in the business.

Commercial Cleaning Services In Chennai

If you’re a business owner, you must know how important it is to keep your premises clean at all times. It reflects directly on your company’s core values and your identity. A new and fresh look to your office is always inviting and is sometimes directly proportional to the success of your business. For your office space to look shining and for the perfect job, you will need the best commercial cleaning services in Chennai.

Commercial cleaning is cleaning done by a professional company. An organization that employs skilled and trained cleaners who use specialized technology to disinfect & sanitize commercial buildings. Cleaning is done by the team you hire on a regular basis – weekly or monthly, depending upon the necessity and the area to be cleaned. Trust AFSM, a professional cleaning company in Chennai to do the perfect job for you! 

What Are The Main Features Of Commercial Cleaning Company?


Experience in the
field of commercial cleaning


trained staff


Professional tools
& latest equipment


customer service




Work guarantees


Structured work


Timely delivery

It is true that on an average, one employee loses 9 working days a year to sickness which is because of a lack of hygiene in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business, the perfect commercial cleaning company can help you reach the next level of cleanliness. 

Your office or home is your identity. To keep it looking best all the time, we provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards supported by professionals who understand your unique needs.

Hire us with trust and confidence just like the rest of Chennai does. We guarantee you the best cleaning and timely delivery of all services. We are extremely efficient and affordable too. We customize our cleaning based on your office needs. We provide both internal and external commercial cleaning services. We do everything from window cleaning, janitorial services to floor maintenance. We are recognised as the best IT corporate cleaning services in Chennai. Our equipment is high end and does the job perfectly. 

Our staff is skilled, regularly trained and are introduced to new cleaning techniques. They are hired after a thorough background check and skills check. We are the trusted choice for offices, our work structure is loved by all and we are known for our low-cost commercial cleaning services in Chennai. We also provide housekeeping for IT and corporate, facility management services in Chennai and office housekeeping services in Chennai. For more details, please contact Mobile: +91 99419 95555.

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