Cleaning a home or an office space is not an easy job. People often employ someone or do it themselves but are not satisfied with the results. Hiring a professional company is the best solution when it comes to thorough cleaning of the space, be it commercial or a home situation. Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

People often do not know the difference between commercial cleaning and deep cleaning and get confused with the two. We have broken it down for you – what is commercial cleaning and what is deep cleaning?

Deep Cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your property, home or space. It mostly involves dusting of the floor, fan & lights cleaning, mopping and cleaning of walls. When do you need to deep clean?

  • Moving out of your home
  • Preparing to sell your home
  • Moving into a new home
  • Quarterly cleaning
  • Pre & post an event at home

It covers parts which aren’t usually covered by a regular clean. This is reflected in the time it takes to carry out the clean.

Most consistent cleaning is done for 2-3 hours a week. A deep clean of a two bedroom house can take a cleaning team of 3 up to 12 hours, depending upon the size of the house.

Commercial cleaning is cleaning done by a professional cleaning company. An organization that employs skilled and trained cleaners who use specialized technology to disinfect and sanitize commercial buildings and they include:

  • Offices
  • R&D Facilities
  • Medical & Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools
  • F&B Departments
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Industrial

Commercial cleaning is done by the company on a regular basis – weekly or monthly, depending upon the necessity.

Features of a specialized commercial cleaning company

  • Experience in the field of commercial cleaning
  • Professional staff
  • Professional tools and equipment used
  • Tailored customer service
  • Cost and excellence guarantees
  • Structured worksheet and timely output

Your office or home is your identity. To keep it looking best all the time, we provide commercial and deep cleaning services of the highest standards supported by our trained professionals who understand your unique needs.

Are you looking for the best cleaning providers for your company or home? It’s time to switch to Aishwaryam Facilities Services Management to give your place a makeover!

Who are we & How we work??

We are Aishwaryam Facilities Services Management, a complete woman oriented company that works with utmost dedication and perfection offering the best of services in different verticals.

Using the latest knowledge, tools and procedures, we help provide a healthy and clean environment for your employees and you. We are grateful for the positive testimonials we’ve received so far. We deeply care about clean spaces and it shows in our work and our accountability to you.

  • Deep Cleaning by environment and space
  • Commercial Cleaning by industry

A trusted choice for offices, we do not leave any nook and corner untouched and make sure your space is left shining nice and bright.

  • Creating a checklist of work after client appointment and thorough space analysis.
  • Checklist is approved by the supervisor and client for finalization.
  • Now just sit back and relax to see the transformation happen before you.

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