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Cleaning And Disinfection Services In Chennai

Aishwaryam Facility Services Management has been a household name in the commercial cleaning industry for many years and has developed customised programs to address proper cleaning and disinfection application in settings that are full of germs, bacteria, etc. Our expertise in disinfection application programs includes proper training & equipment that is adaptable to all work and public environments. As a proud company offering affordable Disinfection Services in Chennai, our forte lies in providing disinfection services to all sorts of venues, whether large or small. These include hospitals, office buildings, schools, malls industries and many more. Our group of professionals are fully trained and prepared to provide top-notch disinfection services that will make your home a sure uplift. We resolutely pursue only the highest standards in disinfection. Our services are customised to meet your needs. 


In offices, germs spread rapidly and your employees will want to know that their workspaces, restrooms, doorknobs, and all other touchpoints are 100% disinfected. Our professional team has been working around the clock providing customers with professional Office Disinfection Services in Chennai in making sure that your facilities are thoroughly disinfected and is a safe place to work with ease.

Commercial Places

Put our dedicated team of experts to work for you to make sure that no details are overlooked. Be it any kind of space, malls, industries or offices – we use specialized high-efficiency equipment to offer disinfection services tailor-made to suit each client requirement from maintaining a clean environment to a germ-free zone.


There is no disinfection too small or unimportant for Aishwaryam Facility Services Management to tackle. In fact, we often take care of the small details putting our client’s problems first at sight. Apartments require thorough disinfection and our reliable team disinfect every nook and corner of your space with great detail and precision.

We offer Comprehensive quotes and pricing options according to the service you choose, followed by preparing a written task schedule and specification list. We always use best-of-class products and equipment that looks after the environment and is also safe. After communicating with the supervisor, we carry out the service with the highest level of safety and security through our expert and highly productive team. Our staff is trained in the proper use of chemicals, high-efficiency equipment, PPE, and the right procedures in disinfecting your space. We are here to make your workforce feel better about the cleanliness and health of your facility.

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We offer a wide range of disinfection services in Chennai and do all kinds of work. Our staff is well trained and use high-quality equipment to do the job. Our main goal is to exceed client expectations every single time and we are bent upon achieving that. You can come back to your office, commercial space, retail space and industries to a clean, sanitized and completely virus free space. Our services are completely licensed and we are extremely affordable. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with each project. We also offer the best pest control services in Chennai We take a 360-degree approach to disinfecting your commercial space or office before you reopen your business. This includes cleaning with high-quality products, leaving no space untouched and disinfecting it completely. We only use certified products & safe products for humans and pets, products that have long-lasting effect, do spray-on application, have well trained staff, provide timely project completion and are budget-friendly. We make your job easier and do it in an effective manner. Choose the best office cleaning services in Chennai today and get back to a neat, sanitized and clean space. Call us today at +91 99419 95555, sit back, relax and watch your space get transformed right in front of your eyes in a jiffy!

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