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We are all well aware of what’s going on in the world today. During this time, it is important to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean to stay safe and healthy. Our homes are supposed to be our safe havens but unfortunately, it isn’t the case always. We do bring a lot of dust, and germs through our clothing, shoes and hands into our homes. 

Your home may look clean but it can still harbour harmful germs and bacteria in different parts of the house. The best way to get rid of these is to use the right products and really get to work, making sure no spot is left untouched. Before we get down to business, let’s clarify the difference between disinfecting and home cleaning for you as these two terms are often misunderstood. 

The difference between cleaning and disinfecting 

These words are not to be used interchangeably as these are completely different.

  • Cleaning is just the act of tidying something up and not necessarily killing germs and bacteria in the process.
  • Disinfecting is the process of killing germs and bacteria using different products.

This is an important difference to understand as just by cleaning and not disinfecting, you are probably increasing the chances of the bacteria and germs multiplying and causing infections. 

Make sure you read your labels before purchasing a disinfectant. The products should contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol and if the label says it kills “99.9%” of the bacteria, it is good, but make sure you choose a product that also kills viruses and fungi too. 

The most effective ways to disinfect your home: 

There is a lot of tension around the current situation with the spread of the novel coronavirus. Make sure to stock up on all cleaning supplies and products and get cleaning to keep you and your family safe. What better time to do it now since we are all locked up in our homes this quarantine season! Let’s look at how you can clean up the different sections of your house. 

First things first, before you start cleaning your house, we advise you to wear gloves as you might be dealing with harsh chemicals and products. Disposable gloves work well too if you don’t have access to rubber ones. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and warm water once you are done with the cleaning. 

1. How to disinfect your bedroom

  • The bedroom consists of things like pillows, cushions, mattresses and bedding apart from your clothes. Throw all your sheets, lining, pillowcases and other bedding items in the washing machine for a good spin. Wash these with hot water if possible to remove all kinds of harmful bacteria. Wash pillowcases more frequently as the airborne particles can be destroyed. 
  • Empty the trash every day to eliminate the congregation of germs in one single place. 
  • Thoroughly wipe the switchboards, lampshades, drawers, cupboard doors and handles. 
  • Spray the tops of your shoes, watches and bags with disinfectant or give them a good wipe after use to prevent germs from growing on them. 

2. How to disinfect your kitchen

  • There are a lot of common touchpoints in the kitchen and there is a high chance of e-Coli, salmonella, mould and yeast to grow. Disinfectant wipes are an easy way to clean these surfaces.
  • Use ethyl alcohol to clean hard surfaces like wooden cutting boards, tiles and countertops.
  • Ensure that the surface after wiping must be visibly wet for at least four minutes for the disinfectant to be effective. 
  • Make sure to wash and store your fresh produce well to prevent mould or fungus to grow.

3. How to disinfect your living room

  • Switchboards, handles and doorknobs should be wiped with a disinfectant wipe every day. 
  • Tabletops, tv screens, computers, keyboards and gaming devices must be thoroughly wiped down. 
  • Dust the surfaces, furniture and upholstered materials every day. 
  • Wipe the dining table top after finishing a meal. 

4. How to disinfect your bathroom

  • Hard surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected twice a day. 
  • Every surface of the toilet must be disinfected including the bowl. 
  • The outer surface can be cleaned with a disinfectant and the inner part of the toilet bowl can be cleaned with a toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. Put the bleach and leave it to work while you clean the rest of the toilet. Scrub and clean the bowl, removing any residue. 
  • Clean the floor, washbasin and also the shower handles and taps with a cloth and some disinfectant. 

5. How to keep yourself clean

  • The only way you can stay away from germs infecting you is by maintaining good hygiene. Research suggests handwashing with water and soap for 20 seconds can prevent the spread of germs and kills coronavirus. Many people don’t do it often enough or even effectively. 

We understand we live in some testing times today and small things like keeping yourself and your home clean, can help prevent harmful germs and bacteria from affecting you and your loved ones. Do make it a point to follow it and spread the word about good hygiene, healthy eating and the importance of following a good everyday routine to keep healthy and safe. Home cleaning is a rigorous process and if you are looking for a facility management team to clean your home, feel free to call us at +91 99419 95555. We excel in all types of services like housekeeping, home cleaning, deep cleaning, pest control etc. We will make sure that we leave no corner untouched and give you a 100% clean service. May we fight the spread of COVID-19 together for a brighter tomorrow. 

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