facade glass cleaning in Chennai

The city of Chennai has grown lengths and breadths over the past years. A metropolitan city, it has always been a forward one in many ways. When we say lengths, we are talking about the high rises in the city. We all know the world-famous LIC building, one of the first high rises that stood tall and awed people in the late 1950s.

Today, with the IT boom, we see many beautiful commercial and residential high rises. The entire strip of OMR in Chennai has expanded to unimaginable levels. They are beautiful to look at but unfortunately, we find lapses in the maintenance of these buildings.

Wind, rain and other weather conditions cause the outside of the windows to become dirty and gather gunk. Window or facade cleaning is a regular activity that needs to be done to maintain the quality and living standards in the building.

There are not many companies that do this job. We, Aishwaryam Facility Services Management are one of the handful of people that do facade glass cleaning in Chennai and give you impeccable services & results. We are trained to do a great job in handling ground floor offices, tall buildings and also skyscrapers. Generally, the cleaning of high rise windows is a dangerous task and needs specialized equipment like safety ropes and guard rails. Our staff are highly trained in this type of cleaning. We do a professional job in reaching the areas difficult to clean and are known to do the best facade glass cleaning in Chennai. It is not to be done merely for appearances sake, but there are other benefits of regular facade cleaning like:

Structural reliability:

Your portico or the facade is also a supporting structure that needs regular maintenance from time to time. The advantage of giving it to a professional facade glass cleaning company like Aishwaryam is that we ensure there is no damage done to it.

Cost effective:

Hiring a professional company will save you lots of money in the long run. Sticking to one management is always advisable as they would already know the ins and outs of the entire cleaning process. You need not negotiate with the pricing each time too.

Flexible cleaning:

With a reputed company backing you up, you can decide when and how you would like them to clean. The staff are considerate and are skilled in their work. The company runs on your schedule. Your work will be done to perfection.

We clean all types of facades and external areas including windows, glass walls, marble, stone, glass, aluminium fittings and structural glazing, giving them a long-lasting clean. Improve the look and feel of your office building as it stands as a testament of your status. At Aishwaryam, we bring our own cleaning equipment and only use quality products. Here, we take care of your building like it’s our own and follow a step-by-step procedure

  • Our supervising team visits the site and surveys the area.
  • Once we have taken note of the work to be done, we get to work.
  • We chart out a cleaning plan for the building and set a timeline for project completion.
  • Our cleaning staff is given clear instructions about the same.
  • The cleaning starts and regular checks are done for the same by the supervisors.
  • Our professionals finish the job within the stipulated time frame and handover the finished project


Rigorous procedures, professional staff and strict follow-ups set us apart from the rest. Looking for professional facade glass cleaning in Chennai? Talk to us today for that extra edge. We also specialize in housekeeping, deep cleaning, painting and manpower services. We are a company that strives to be the best at what we do and are available 24×7 on call at +91 99419 95555!

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