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Pest Control Services in Chennai

Your home is a haven of comfort and happiness. A place that should always be safe and keep you and your loved ones away from harm. But what happens when there are uninvited guests in the form of pests and insects? You look for the Best Pest Control Services In Chennai to get rid of them as soon as possible. And Aishwaryam Facility Management is your best bet for pest control issues of any size or scale. While there are many easy DIY methods to keep pests away, only experienced professionals like us have the tools, materials and expertise to provide a long-term solution naming us the Best Pest Control In Chennai. ​

If you’re thinking about pest control for your home or office, a reliable pest control company is the right choice. With Aishwaryam Facility Services Management you can book specific treatments for your space like cockroach control services or termite control services. Or you can also opt for services like generic pest control services. As the best Pest Control Services In Chennai, the experts of AFSM don’t follow the same procedure for every space as we understand that each area has a specific problem. After a thorough inspection, our professionals understand and come up with a plan to solve your pest problem with utmost ease and perfection. Booking is super easy as all you need to do is choose the date and time and what you get is prompt and accurate service that has detailed attention and professionalism.


Pest problems in the workplace can cause a huge problem to your employees and have a negative impact on the structural integrity of the building. Pest causes severe damages to the office furniture, fittings, computer equipment and cables causing a lot of damage to the property. We ensure that all your pest control needs are looked after and are in good hands giving you  sheer peace of mind

Commercial Places

Pests can easily penetrate premises through various entry points such as gaps and cracks on the building’s structure or incoming stock delivery from suppliers. Besides creating an uncomfortable environment, the presence of pests can leave visitors with a bad impression of the property. We do reliable pest control services to make sure your space is 100% free of pests and has a safe environment.


Pest control is very important in apartments and other densely populated buildings. Pest problems if left unchecked, can spread to neighbouring apartments.  We offer the best pest control services in Chennai with our certified group of trained professionals for apartments by eliminating harmful pests like rats, termites, house mice, ants, roaches, and squirrels that can cause severe illnesses.

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Experience in
the field




Professional tools
and equipment used




customer service




Low Cost and
excellence guaranteed



Our range of services are known for durability and quality. With years of expertise in the field, our experts have clearly understood the client’s demands. We also give our suggestions for the best way forward with the project.

We offer different kinds of services like mosquito control, termite control, rat control, cockroaches control and all other insects. Our experts perform a careful and step-wise study of your location before the start of the project. We then make a detailed list of the work to be done and get the permission to commence the project from the client. The project is then finished and is handed over to the client within the stipulated time.  

Our distinct features include flexible work schedule, timely project completion, reliable staff and we adhere to changes. Our strengths are our trained staff, the premium quality products we use, organized working method and best customer care. Our methodology is hassle-free work, keeping the health & safety as our top priority, budget-friendly services and guaranteed customer satisfaction. 

If you are someone facing a pest infestation problem in your home, office or absolutely anywhere, the only solution to this menace is to completely get rid of these pesky bugs. We at Aishwaryam Facility Management Services take pride in extinguishing them without a trace. We are also budget-friendly! This is a double win for you! All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at +91 99419 95555 and our professionals will be at your doorstep for a thorough examination. Apart from our top-class pest control services, we also undertake housekeeping, disinfection, painting, deep cleaning & commercial cleaning services. All our personnel are equipped to do the job at an extraordinary level and we are available on call 24×7!

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