To break the chain of the infection and to limit the spread of the virus, many countries around the world have issued respective lockdowns. However, businesses can’t remain closed forever.  If you are a vital service or a business that needs to be open during the crisis, it is important to keep your premises sanitized to protect the people who use it like customers, staff and other members of the public. This also applies to all businesses once the lockdown ends and the restrictions are eased. It is very much true for residences as well. You must take the necessary steps to disinfect your home and keep it clean for the health and safety of your family. 

If you are a business that was shut during the lockdown, customers and staff would want to know the precautions you have taken to keep the place clean before they return to your space. 

Coronavirus or COVID-19, as it is named, is a rapidly spreading infectious virus that has affected over 200 countries in just 3 months. There is no vaccine that has been invented yet for this but it is highly advised to practice good hygiene and stringent disinfection methods as a preventive measure. 

It is important to keep all the common areas at home and outside clean and disinfected at all times. Even with the restrictions lifted, it will take a while for the pandemic to completely disappear. To avoid the risk of contracting it again, one has to stay attentive and use continuous hygiene practices. 

What are the high-touch points around you? 

Poor hygiene is the main cause of the spread of any type of infection. People often cough or sneeze into their hands and don’t bother to wash it after. They contaminate other surfaces which others come in contact with. 

There are multiple high-touch points in places like schools, hospitals, hotels, public transport and retail outlets. These include: 

  • Doorknobs 
  • Handles
  • Toilet flush
  • Cash exchange points
  • Handrails & grab rails 
  • Garbage bins
  • Supermarket trolleys & baskets 

Research has shown that for example, in offices, germs can spread from one person to the entire office within 2-4 hours through contaminated high-touch points. These need regular cleaning, preferably disinfection services from a professional company to ensure they are safe from the infection. 

How to get rid of the virus and infection? 

Everyday cleaning is something you can do on your own, but for a pandemic at this scale, it requires a special type of cleaning and higher expertise. This can be only provided by a professional disinfection services company like Aishwaryam Facilities Services Management. 

Our professionals will first survey the site using specialised methods. They will provide site-specific assessment steps: 

  • Survey the area 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Steps to be taken
  • Detailed operating procedure 
  • Safe & secure cleaning 
  • Disinfecting 
  • Timely handover of the project

Our highly-trained specialists manually do the job for you. They follow a systematic cleaning procedure and eradicate any trace of contamination from your home or commercial area. Here are some FAQs we come across, as the city’s top professional disinfection service company : 

Q. How quickly can the work be done?

A. The work depends on the size and the amount of effort it requires. Our promise to you is to get it done in the shortest possible time. 

Q. Do I have to clean even after I opted for disinfection service? 

A. It is advisable to keep your surroundings regularly clean even after the disinfection procedure is completed. You can choose to opt for our housekeeping and deep cleaning services if you wish to outsource it to a reliable company. 

Q. Are your staff trained to do this? 

A. Our staff are highly trained and are regularly updated with the latest safety procedures and methods. You can be assured that your place is 100% clean after we have done our job! 

We take the utmost care in making sure that our clients’ premises are safe for use after every project. We only use approved safety procedures, certified chemicals that are safe for humans & pets, appropriate tools & products. We will provide you with a completion report once the project is finished too. You can reach us at +91 99419 95555 for all queries or to book your disinfection slot today! Stay safe and stay healthy! 

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