It is true that in today’s day and age, you have absolutely no time on your hands even if you want to sometimes. And in the expanse of things, taking care of the house starts to become burdensome. Hiring a housekeeper can bring some relief in this situation. It is important to note that one has to do a thorough check before hiring anyone as they’re the ones to be taking care of the house while you’re away at work or outside running errands. We give you a few tips below. Before you commit to a housekeeper, do ask around, do a background check and consider either to go with a company/agency or a sole proprietor.

Now let’s look at the difference between cleaning companies and individual workers. Here are a few tips for hiring a housekeeper:

1. Especially in our country, there are a lot of people working as individuals at dedicated timings in multiple households. There are also agencies that send workers under a contract basis.

2. If you’re looking to hire from a company, make sure they are insured, bonded and properly licensed.

3. Finding a referral sometimes works out best as friends and family who already have had the experience with someone is always better.

4. Different companies also allow you to try different housekeepers till you find your fit.

5. Make sure you decide on a flat fee or an hourly fee. This can be in a per job basis too.

6. Make sure to prepare beforehand and interview the candidate as to what they need to
do. What’s the line of work they specialize in. Check references, work history and record.

7. If possible push for a trial run to see if you’re okay with the person and are soon to hire them.

8. Make sure to put forth your expectations and boundaries with them. Right from creating a list of chores to making sure they finish the task.

9. Decide on the list of tasks you intend to give them beforehand.

Are you looking for a housekeeper?

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