COVID 19 is a grim reminder that being hygienic and staying healthy is very important. You can  keep yourself away from viruses.  You can keep your home and other small areas perfectly neat and clean too. But what about warehouses? Where hundreds or thousands of workers/employees work on a regular basis? Where there is too much equipment and work hardly stops? For operators of warehouses and factories of all shapes and sizes, maintaining clean and organized premises is one of the biggest struggles of the job. But keeping your warehouse clean is a key factor for running an effective and highly productive warehouse leading to coordinated warehouse management. A dirty and disorganized warehouse will be more prone to accidents, less efficiency and the employees will adopt an attitude of lower morale.  However, a clean and organized warehouse can boost productivity, improve accuracy, and lead to higher job satisfaction. Due to larger spaces or areas, workers cannot keep the warehouse clean on a day-to-day basis but hiring a facility services provider company can lead to more stringent warehouse cleaning.

Good hygienic factors and thorough disinfection promote a positive environment among workers. In this blog, we will break down the cleaning process in five simple steps, sharing some best practices to keep in mind for effective warehouse cleaning

1. Create a cleaning schedule

It’s important to take time and evaluate what potential issues and hazards there may be in the warehouse.  You will find that the storage is a wide-open space so it easily becomes dirty again. The best way to ensure this quality is maintained is with checklists and keeping your warehouse in-stock with the correct cleaning equipment. Setting a consistent and well-planned schedule can help you balance resources and timing in an efficient manner as well as execute the cleaning process smoothly. For example, areas such as shelves should be dusted at least once a month to avoid packages becoming marked or damaged. Make sure such things are in your cleaning checklist on a regular basis.

2. Empty your bins regularly

Warehousing is associated with things like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, papers, and so on, which must be properly disposed of to prevent leaving a big mess. Bins should never get to the point of overflowing to maintain proper sanitation inside the premises. If that happens your staff and visitors to the warehouse might not dump litter where they should which can cause additional hazards for yourself and your workers. The best warehouses have plenty of garbage and recycling bins placed throughout the warehouse, encouraging employees to properly dispose of paper waste.

3. Turn over inventory regularly

Your warehouse is sure to be full of stock and other items. Apart from being costly and wasting warehouse space, the stock that sits on the shelves for a long time can collect dust and cause problems for the entire warehouse. Always be sure to check your stock is accurately kept up to date so no dust is gathered by stock that’s been there for a large amount of time. 

4. Do floor labeling

Floor labeling is designed to keep sectors organized as well as making stock easy to identify.  Floor labels and marking systems are one of the most cost-effective ways of organizing your warehouse, whether it’s to mark your flow of traffic or the forklift routes.  This will also make assigning individual members of staff areas to clean much easier as it will be labelled for them.

5. Use safety equipment

Treat safety equipment with the same urgency that you do when monitoring product inventory. Hardhats and safety goggles are an important part of any safe warehouse environment, but extra equipment such as high visibility jackets are also useful. It’s also important that any built in equipment such as sprinkler systems and alarm sirens work at all times and aren’t blocked in any way.   Performing regular safety equipment inspections is a low-cost way to provide key oversight for your workers.

Employees are more motivated if they feel positive about the environment they are working in. This means with a more optimistic approach to their job efforts at work that may improve them without even noticing. Above mentioned tips can keep your warehouse clean and boost the productivity of your organization.

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